Pension Reform

Pension Reform In The Workplace

Up until 2018, 11 million workers were not on workplace pensions (or not in eligible schemes) and were therefore automatically enrolled into pension schemes, although they had the choice to opt out within a month of joining.

Smaller employers in particular, with little or no experience of pensions, are likely to find the administrative and cost and burden of auto-enrolment hard to cope with.

It’s clear that the best option is to prepare now for a smooth transition and less upheaval when the time comes. That is where we come in.

We can help you establish the key information you require such as who will auto-enrolment affect? When will auto-enrolment start for your business? How much will you have to contribute?

John, Sharon and Tom could help you through all the potential pitfalls of auto-enrolment and make sure you’re ready for the inevitable changes which will affect your business. Why not call for a free, initial, no obligation initial consultation?

For more information read our Spotlight on Auto-enrolment by clicking here.

Workplace Pension Reform

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